Containerized Drinking Water System

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Containerized Drinking Water System
Rightleder Box is a customized by different water quality and state-of-the-art containerized drinking water purification device for fast implementation.

Operational Parameters

Rightleder Box is designed to operate within a wide range of seawater parameters:
√ Turbidity up to 20 NTU

 Oil and grease up to 1.5 ppm
 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) up to 42,000 ppm
 Temperature from 5 to 35° C (41 to 95° F)
Different production capacity requirements can be accommodated by providing the optimum combination of RightlederBox products.

Product Advantages

Rightleder containerized drinking water system
·  Affordable, complete solution
·  Fast delivery
·  Minimal infrastructure required and small footprint
·  “Plug & Play” easy and quick installation
·  Top-quality components
·  One solution for different water quality needs
·  Lower operation & maintenance costs due to:
    a) Low energy and chemical consumption
    b) No cartridge filter replacement requirement
    c) Longer life cycle of UF and RO membranes

·  High recovery (up to 50%)
·  Remote technical support
·  High production availability (up to 99%), with only 1% downtime for cleaning and maintenance
·  Spare parts quickly available
·  Easy modular expansion capability
·  Easy resale or relocation
·  Leasing and finance options available

Areas Of Application

√ Constuction Site
√ Emergent Water Supply
√ Mobile Water Plant
√ Oil & Gas

Customer Cases

BMW Brilliance

General Motors


Coca Cola


Reed Chemical

Tsinghua University
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