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Ion Exchange System

The unique IE-R ion exchange technology used in food and beverage, bio-fermentation, bio-pharmaceutical and other fields, mainly used in the production of desalination, decolorization, purification process. We focused on different customers around the world to provide cost-effective ion exchange system.

Cases :

The Equipment System of Ion Exchange- Haihuilongzhou Co., Ltd
Ion exchange system of sugar decolorization for Xingguang Group
A project case of BPA recycling in chemical industry - Wanhua Chemistry

Product Advantages

IE-R ion exchange technology with continuity and stability feature. Its regeneration does not need to stop the operation, as well as adsorption separation of products and concentrations remain stable.

Adopted with counter current regeneration and close to the equivalent ratio of the regeneration agent, so that the amount of renewable agent significantly reduced the amount of washing water can save up to 50% -70%.

The resin column design helps the process to be flexible.

Highly automated design to achieve unattended, and equip with APP client remote control.

Automatic intelligent program keeps the equipment running stable and reduces operating costs.

Areas Of Application

Food and beverage, desalination of biopharmaceutical and bio-fermentation industry desalination, decolorization; synthetic chemistry and petrochemical industry separation, purification; hydrometallurgy and other industries.

Customer Cases

BMW Brilliance

General Motors


Coca Cola


Reed Chemical

Tsinghua University

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