Membrane Separation System

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Membrane Separation System
Based on excellent technology and combined with years of engineering experience, RIGHTLEDER has developed MS-R membrane separation / concentration process, for different materials, different uses, to provide a unique solution and cost-effective products.

Product Advantages

Unique MS-R process for the special fermentation broth, waste decolorization, desalination and separation.
Using special membrane components, anti-pollution, high separation accuracy, high product quality
Acid, alkali, simple operation, good regeneration performance
Long service life, equipment operating costs more reasonable, cost-effective
Access to more than 30 membrane separation invention patents.

Areas Of Application

Pharmaceutical industry: used in separation, purification and concentration processes, such as vitamins, penicillins, cephalosporins C and erythromycin, etc.
Biochemical: used in membrane removal, membrane concentration, membrane decolorization, such as amino acids, peptides and organic acids
Food and beverage: used in beverages, alcohol, etc. separation, grading, enrichment and enrichment, such as juice, red wine, etc.
Petrochemical metallurgy: used in heavy metals, acid and other recycling and purification, such as cobalt ions, copper ions and acids.

Customer Cases

BMW Brilliance

General Motors


Coca Cola


Reed Chemical

Tsinghua University

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