Chemical Water Treatment System

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Chemical Water Treatment System
Boiler water treatment can affect boile's safety and economic operation directly. Doromil’s correct and reasonable water treatment solutions can avoid the scaling and corrosion of the boiler effectively, prolong the service life, reduce energy consumption and improve the economic benefit.

Product Advantages

High automation level, stable supply of water, long service life, regular salt dosing without any manual intervention
Various anti-corrosion and pressure resistance tanks (fiber glass, carbon steel, stainless steel)
Ruansof counterflow, down-flow, time and flow rate etc various control modes, human-machine interface, programmable control system
Patent design concept, RF system integration, water for backwashing can be saved by 15%, salt consumption for regeneration can be saved by 10%, more environmental.

Areas Of Application

boiler water for food, chemical, manfuacture, bath, light textile industries
boiler water for thermal power plant and municipal supply of heat
Boiler makeup water for power plant

Customer Cases

BMW Brilliance

General Motors


Coca Cola


Reed Chemical

Tsinghua University

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