Reclaimed Water Reuse System

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Reclaimed Water Reuse System
Doromil dedicated to fluid separation technology research and development, which also can provide the most advanced technologies and all directional solutions for printing and dyeing wastewater reuse, condensate water reuse treatment, reverse osmosis concentrate water recycle, and circulating sewage recycle etc.

Case :
Pure Water and Reclaimed Water Reuse for BMW Brilliance Automotive

Product Advantages

Take use of reclaimed water reuse technology to treat wastewater from living, hospital, industries, car-washing and etc, whose proudct water can be used as non-drinking water for toilet flushing, road sweeping, fire fighting, urban landscaping, industrial makeup, recycle, car-washing, construction and so on.

Areas Of Application

Adopt domestic and foreign advanced reclaimed water reuse treatment technology with small investment and low operating cost
Make full use of wastewater by-products, to reduce discharge and enhance efficiency
Full-automatic operation, reduce manpower cost
Unique reclaimed water reuse membrane is suitable for all kinds of water sources with strong pollution resistance and long operating cycle.
Based on water quality test and product water quality requirements provided by customers, professionals will design special technologies for it.

Customer Cases

BMW Brilliance

General Motors


Coca Cola


Reed Chemical

Tsinghua University

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