Ultrapure Water System

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Ultrapure Water System
Doromil’s ultrapure water system has stable performance, which is widely used in medicine, electronics, chemical, glass, electroplating coating, boiler and laboratory etc, meanwhile, a series of small deionized water equipment can be customized for customers with small product capacity, which can meet the requirements of testing and low dose for cleaning, product water quality can meet the customers’ requirements, different technical configurations can be provided.

Product Advantages

Safe, non-combustion, unexplosive, nontoxic
Detergent formula constitution is uncontrolled, such detergent can easily remove polar and nonpolar pollutants with wide cleaning scope.
Multiple cleaning principle
High system recycle rate, less wastewater discharge
long system life span, less failures, convenient maintenance

Areas Of Application

Cleaning of electrolytic capacitor manufacturing aluminium foil and work pieces
Carbonate solution preparation for coating electronic tube manufacture and its cathode
Pure water for manufacturing and dosing of picture tube and cathode-ray tube
Pure water for fluorecsent scrren of black and white picture tube manufacture, glass bulb cleaning, settling, wetting, membrane and tube neck cleaning
Pure water for manufacturing fluorescent displayer and dosing
Cleaning silicon wafer in the crystal tubes' manufacture, some will be used for liquid dosing
High pure water for cleaning silicon wafer, high grade picture tube, fluorescent powder manufacture in the manufacture process of integrated circuit.
Semiconductor material, components, printed circuit board and integarted circuit
LCD, LED liquid crystal display screen and PDP plasma display screen
Ultrapure materials and chemical reagents, ultrapure chemical materials, laboratory and pilot workshop
Polishing treatment of autos, appliances, optoelectronics, other high-tech micro products

Customer Cases

BMW Brilliance

General Motors


Coca Cola


Reed Chemical

Tsinghua University
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