GMP Purified Water System

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GMP Purified Water System
GMP purified water system is the special water treatment equipment for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries etc. Doromil can provide customers with “Zero Defect” products and a full set of process design.

Product Advantages

Cold sterilization technology and whole-process high temperature pasteurization
Sanitary standards will be controlled stricly, remote monitoring data can assist professionals to know operating condition well.
Safe, sterile pipeline material and Pasteurization disinfection technology consist the stable process flow, which can guarantee product water quality comprehensively.
Pipelines conform to 3D principle, to ensure the whole system without any dead angle.
Operating data can be displayed online, to know the real-time operation condition.
Terminals adopt recycle overflow pattern, to guarantee water quality to be safe and reliable.
10% allowance is designed for reverse osmosis system, to ensure equipment to operate stably for a long-term.

Areas Of Application

Wine, dairy products, beverages, deep process of food and etc.
purified water, injection water, etc.
Water for producing facial cleanser, lotion, essence gel, facial mask and make-up products, etc.

Customer Cases

BMW Brilliance

General Motors


Coca Cola


Reed Chemical

Tsinghua University

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