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Reclaimed Water Reuse

At Doromil our mission is to protect and preserve the most valuable natural resource on the planet, water! We recognize that there is no substitute for water and only 0.3% of earth’s water is readily available as freshwater. Our passion is in treating used water and making it available for reuse. Such treatment uses a combination of mechanical, biological and chemical processes to remove particles, suspended solids, organic pollutants, nitrogen and phosphorous in the effluent.

Treatment of wastewater to achieve a final effluent quality suitable for safe discharge direct to a water course or reuse presents a variety of challenges.

At Doromil, we continually seek new methodologies to ensure extremely high levels of plant performance. We also work to develop and supply economic, efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment technologies. Having considered the best technical solutions available, we can take full responsibility for supply, or provide equipment and solutions for the individual elements of your wastewater treatment.

Our offering in the municipal wastewater market is built from Doromil’s key technologies within our portfolio, than spans the entire flowsheet. Doromil has the expertise to offer practical, effective and cost-efficient solutions in all areas of your waste reuse plant.

Doromil’s solutions include:

Preliminary or Primary treatment (including screening, and clarification/sedimentation)

Secondary Treatment (including biological and final settlement)

Tertiary Treatment (including biological and or physical separation)

Sludge Treatment

Total integrated solutions

Process for municipal wastewater: