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Ultrapure Water Systems

Doromil works tirelessly to provide the purest water possible to the global semiconductor industry and succeeds in meeting the most stringent TOC requirements! Our ultrapure water treatment (UPW) systems utilize several processing methods (e.g., conventional, membrane, ion exchange and thermal processes - either in conjunction or independently), depending on output requirements. Individual equipment is easy to incorporate into existing and/or complimentary systems.

The global community is facing a water crisis and the demand for clean water is ever increasing. Many of the industries that Doromil serves are often under scrutiny from the general public, governments and the media to improve their processes and reduce the impact on the environment.

Doromil develops and provides high-performance technologies to serve the semiconductor industry’s use of water and has had great success in meeting the most stringent TOC requirement (<0.3 ppb).

Doromil passion to create value in water is executed through the design, installation and commissioning of highly sophisticated ultrapure water treatment (UPW) systems, providing customers with the best end-to-end solutions to treat and recycle water at the lowest energy cost.

Choosing Doromil as your UPW systems partner, we guarantee:

Reliable system meeting the exceptionally high standards of the industry

Lowest cost of ownership

Forward looking technology development and innovation

Open, close and transparent communication

High experienced company and people