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Water Treatment Chemicals

With access to advanced R&D (research and development) in chemical science, Doromil carries a wide selection of water treatment chemicals and resins that serve a multitude of purposes, both incorporated into water treatment systems (usually a year's supply) and for stand-alone purchase. Special water treatment problems can be addressed with specific chemicals and dosing levels in conjunction with active components to maximize the degree of mitigation performed, and thus value created.

Types of chemicals include:
Pure water scale inhibitor
Pure water scale inhibitor (high concentration)
Pure water reducing agent
Pure water oxidative disinfectants
Pure water non-oxidizing disinfectants
Pure water disinfectants
Pure water organic polymer flocculant
Pure water inorganic flocculant
Recycled water compound corrosion inhibitor
Recycled water oxidizing disinfectants
Recycled water non-oxidizing disinfectants
Pure water acid cleaning agent
Pure water alkaline cleaning agent

As new materials and chemical science technologies mature and gain traction in the industry, Doromil adopts those that provide more value to water treatment operations, as part of its commitment to great quality and great pricing.