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Seawater Desalination

Doromil has been awarded a major EPC contract for a Venezuela seawater desalination project with Venezuela National MWR (Ministry of Water Resources).

Doromil scope of work is to supply the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art seawater desalination systems to provide fresh and pure drinking water for the people there suffering from water crisis. The plant will be utilizing Doromil’s innovative technologies for seawater intake, treatment and distribution.

Paraguaná Peninsula, Falcón, Venezuela

The project in Paraguaná Peninsula is one of the largest desalination projects in Venezuela.

The plant will produce 24,000m³ of desalinated pure seawater per day, which will greatly ease the water crisis.

Construction of the first phase of the Paraguaná desalination plant started in Apr 2016. The fabrication of the main desalination plant is also ongoing in Doromil’s factory.

The plant generated hundreds of jobs during the construction phase and will generate more in its future operation, which will be a great help Venezuelans in humanitarian crisis.

About Doromil:

Doromil, the subsidiary under Rightleder International Holding Group, which is a leading expert in the field of fluid filtration and separation including but not limited in seawater desalination, fluid separation in sugar and pharmaceutical industry, recycling use of life and industrial sewage etc.

After more than 10 years development, Doromil has served over 2000 customers with comprehensive and suitable solution method in domestic and overseas market, obtaining public praise and recognition throughout this field by meeting customer's satisfaction.