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Doromil (Beijing) Separation Technology Co., Ltd is the subsidiary of RIGHTLEDER INTERNATIONAL HOLDING GROUP, which specializes in the fields of seawater desalination, concentration & separation, reclaimed water system, ultrapure water system and water treatment chemicals, is an integrated environmental solution provider of research & development, design, equipment manufacture, engineering construction, operation and services. Doromil has passed ISO9001 quality……(more)

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EPC Seawater Desalination Project,
Paraguaná Peninsula, Falcon, Venezuela

The project in Paraguaná Peninsula is one of the largest desalination projects in Venezuela. As the general contractor of the project, Doromil is committed to provide fresh pure water for the people in Paraguaná Peninsula suffering from water crisis. The plant will produce 24,000m³ of desalinated seawater per day, which will greatly ease the water crisis. The civil work has begun in Apr. 2016, it generated hundreds of jobs during the construction, and will generate more jobs in its operation.